+ Brand you did?

We are proud of making these products for companies below.

+ Can you source product for us?

Yes, we can. We help client sourcing and customize products they want.

+ Case Sample

We did lots of projects, customized products based on clients request for different industry. Please check the case samples we did and contact us to customize your product if you are interested.

+ How is your quality?

We use supply-chain management, which can control every step of the order from material to end customer, find the best solutions to control the cost and quality, bring back the benefit to our customer. If your item needs to comply to a EN/US/AUS-standard, we can perform the testing and present you with the results and certificates. We have a strict code of conduct, which you can read more about the COC/CSR section. Any factory we choose to work with will be rigorsly benchmarked towards the highest ethical and environmental standards. If you need any quality requirement please let us know. We follow with CE (EN71 1-9), Reach, Azo-free, FDA, etc.

+ How to find price?

We put the prices online for most products. You can register to be our member and you will see the prices.

+ How we make logo

One of most important point for promotional productions is making the client’s logo on product correctly, clearly and as large as possible.There are many different types of products, but we cannot put logo on all of them in the same way. Here we explain the method we are using , and how logo be made, that will help to come with best solution based on different requirements for end customer.

+ Quality Control Process

Assuring quality is, and always has been, one of the added values of EXPLORECN. The aim of our services is to reduce and eliminate as many of our client’s risks in accepting defective merchandise. Through our local team, we will monitor the correct fulfilment of the client’s orders and assure that the merchandise evaluated meets all specific requirements.Our inspection team visits the factories regularly to observe and verify the production. Our inspectors undertake the necessary tests. For all orders we work with final samples for approval (= preproduction samples). We will do the QC on the samples and send them to the customer. Mass production will only start after customer’s approval. During and after mass production samples are taken at random, based on the “Acceptable Quality Level” (AQL) principle.What is Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) ? The designated value of defects, expressed as a percentage by the particular sampling procedure and level used will identify what the buyer will normally accept in the majority of cases. Different AQL may be designed for different defect classifications - Major and Minor. Acceptable Quality Level (AQL)Unless specified, we will adopt below AQL:Critical Defect: Not allowedMajor Defect: 2.5Minor Defect: 4.0 Defect Classification Definition - What are Critical Defects: A defect that fails to meet mandatory regulations and/or affects the safety of the consumer. - What are Major Defects: A defect which will likely result in product failure, reduction of product usability or render the product to be not sellable. - What are Minor Defects: A defect not likely to reduce the usability of the product, but likely to reduce the saleability or a discrepancy from the established acceptable limit. Inspection Criteria Inspection normally entails visual and manual examination for criteria such as:- Style - Colour - Workmanship - Packaging - Shipping mark - Dimension - Quantity available - Assortment Only when the production passes the AQL test, goods will be sent to our address, where we carry out an extra control.However on your request we can apply the different AQL levels (1.0 / 2.5 / 4.0).

+ Virtual Sample

We can offer you a free virtual sample with any product on our web site. Email the artwork you want to see on the product and specify the product code, product color and imprint color you would like to use.

+ Ways to use Promotion products

The way to use your promotional products well, please find follows.

+ Why you have best price?

There are reasons why we can keep best prices :1. Know how- We know how things work in factory, we know how to produce the product in a reasonable way and how to control all the cost.2. Smart solution- Solution is the most important, then you don't need to waste money and time.3. Supplier chain manage- We choose the best supplier to cooperate with, keep good quality and low cost.4. Large purchase- Better prices get better business, we have strong ability to have larger purchase for all materials to keep best prices.5. Inside china- We are inside china, we take care and control the production.6. IT system- We have built large database and use the advanced software system to help us work efficiently.