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Have you problems with suppliers ?

Share:Have you problems with suppliers ?
We understand purchasing is the most complicated and cumbersome work. Buyer will met problems everyday once they met a problem supplier,especially purchase from far east.
Here we can list the main problems always met during the work :
1. Problem Price
Supplier quoted in very attactive price. Always the best price or cheapest of all. But be careful, you will be treated or will have big problem during production. Such supplier only want to have your money first, and no care what quality you want or even no production.
2. Good sample but poor production
You always get good sample and approve in short time. But during production, always problems , even nothing the same to the samples.
3. Longer delivery
Cannot keep the confirmed delivery date. Make it longer and longer, delay every time, make you mad.
4. Only one-time business.
Some suppliers only care the how much money they get earn from the business they have on hand. So once met problems, they never take responsibility to solve the problems,but only ask you to pay more and take the risks.
5. Supplier only take big order
You have no chance to grow up together with such supplier, they only want big orders.
6. Always mistakes
You have found a supplier who has better prices and good quality. But , they always come with mistakes during sample and production. You will lose chance for market.
7. Cannot notice the problem advanced
Then you waste money and time after problems.
8. You cannot know more info
Supplier stop you to know more about the order, then you lose control of everything
9. Cover the problems
Supplier has no ability to solve the problem during production once they have, only cover it .
10. Slow response.
You want make thinkg fast, but they are very slow.
So.... once you have such supplier, how you have time to take care of your market and client ? 
We are willing to help and to be your best supplier from China. Any inquiry or question please send to us, thank you !

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