600ml Sports Cooler Bottle With Freezing Stick

600ml Sports Cooler Bottle With Freezing Stick

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Packing Size:    48.00(L) x 41.00(W) x 46.00(H) cm pc
G.W / N.W: 8.00 / 7.00 kg


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Key Specifications:
-600ML Capacity

Product Description:
-PC water bottle high endurance in friction and impact-buffering;Made of bulletprooof glass
 with a high solidity permanent fresh appearance.
-Hints:Clean the bottle with soap solution when use it for the first time;The sticher should be
 frozen at least for 4 hours before using.To prevent overflow,dont infuse too much water in the
 bottle before inserting the sticker in.
-Healthy diet:The Japanese diet standard PC,bacteria-free,poison-free and without odour.
-Temperature durability:Remain its performances in the range of -20 to 120. (Adaptable to
 atrocious weather. )
-Uncover the bottle and unload the sticker:Freeze the sticker in the refrigerator;Insert the
 sticker into the bottle and screw it on the cover,and screw the cover on the body.The
 non-poisonous freezing liquid is sealed in the sticker, you may use it without any worry.




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